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Getting To Know Us...

We offer a Free Music Glossary, games, a MIDI tutorial and more information about (mostly) music to come...


Who are we? I am Leonard, a retired technician, math tutor, audio engineer, etc. I am mostly Classically oriented, but appreciate nearly all forms of music. (I am the "L" in LCD).

My wife is Christine, a retired Senior Analyst, who likes to globe-trot to exciting places, and is an avid reader. (the "C" in LCD).

Then- our son Drew. He is a College Professor and Distinguished Lecturer, and sometime VP of a large company. Drew has just released the fifth CD of his musical career. (Drew is the "D" in LCD). Check out Drew on his web site:

We are all musicians of one kind or other.


By the way,we are not related to LCD Soundsystem, the noted band- they are Here.


We also have two cats - Susanna and Bartolo (named after opera characters). They, too, are musical; but mostly sing off pitch and don't seem to be on the same page at once. The cats love to listen to Classical music. Susanna has been known to sit on the piano and 'sing' when I try to play.


Will Sussana sing for us?

I have been busy finishing some projects, and just added more words to the Free Music Glossary. The total is now well over 350 phrases. I added the MIDI tutorial on 6/21/2011, and have started on the JavaScript Photo Gallery.


Coming soon: an informational bit of tutorial on the joys of the 'Circle of Fifths'. Good information here, I should have time to complete it soon.


Have thoughts about articles on music in general you would like to see? Email me with your ideas, if you wish.




Will Susanna Sing For Me?



Meanwhile, here are some of your suggestions for my web site: